Gay & Lesbian Inline Skating

Vorspiel SSL

Berlin's Largest Gay & Lesbian Sports Club

Vorspiel SSL is Berlin's largest gay & lesbian sports club. We offer a huge variety of sports opportunities for all ages, levels and genders — or non-genders if you prefer. The offer extends to the entire LGBTI community. Bi-, trans-, and inter- persons (or those who just call themselves "queer") are all very welcome! Of course, our hetero friends can come along, too. At the end of the day, it's all about having fun with our mates!

Lesbians on skates

Refugees Welcome!

Having said that, we want to point out that we explicitly invite refugees to participate. We can communicate (at least) in English, Polish, French, Spanish, Portuguese and in body language. (Some of us speak some German, too.) Don't worry about charges, it's a free offer in this case. Just contact us by email in advance so that we can make sure we can provide all the necessary equipment. I your shoe size!

Inline Skating

Technique, Speed, Hockey

So, within Vorspiel's gay sport biotope, we are the subculture that's doing the inline skating. Thus we use our inline skates for the fun factor. It all starts with a bit of knowledge transfer. We teach you how to move (forwards, backwards, sidewards…), how to brake, how to turn and how to look amazingly impressive. If you fancy a bit of teamwork, you can always play hockey with us. And, of course, you can also join when you are already amazingly impressive.

Social Aspects

If you're loosing too many calories, there's usually an opportunity to compensate with a beer (or smoothie or whatever you prefer) after the training. Some say we're even better at that than at playing hockey...



See the official Vorspiel site for exact times and locations.

There may be more opportunities. We're gonna tell you when you get in touch with us.

What You Need

We strongly recommend to bring your inline skates. (We have may some spare ones. But your own will feel more homy.) We also recommend kneepads and a helmet but that's not a must.

Get In Touch With Us

You can just come by, but it's a good idea to write us an email in advance, especially when you want to join us on the runway (in summer). Write to

We'll get the red carpet ready.

More About Us

Learning German is harder than learning how to skate. If you dare, have a look at our German content. And if language is a barrier, just check out our inline gallery.


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